Is MS Dynamics NAV Advantageous For Magento? If Yes, Then How?

MS Dynamics NAV is one of the finest ERP software products intended by experts to help small and mid scale companies in managing CRM, finance, supply chains, manufacturing, etc. As most developers are aware of the fact that Magento and Dynamics NAV integration works best for accounting systems, ecommerce, storage warehouse, ERP/EPOS and other related things.

The relevance of ecommerce business for entrepreneur is understandable. The online presence of the business helps entrepreneurs to expand their business. But what’s the trick that makes ecommerce website a happening one? How can an entrepreneur turn market’s online presence for his business? The answer is Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration service adoption for business site.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration provides a comprehensive integrated ecommerce site of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP that is connected with NAV and offer a platform and adaptability to make enough from your investment.


Several kinds of NAV integration available in the market are as follows-

Order/ Customer Integration:
This type of integration helps in recognizing if the order has come from repeat client or a new client when a user places an order on Magento site. When the buyer is new, it will create buyer in Microsoft Dynamic NAV and after that order will be created in the website. While in case of repeat customer, this integration will help the team to track unique customer ID in Dynamics NAV and put the order in the presence of existing ID of the buyer.

Order/ Order Status Integration:
For updating web order statuses which are based on sales operations in the ERP system then order status integration is the best option that helps you in getting real time updated information in Magento CMS. You can synchronize the order to ERP from Magento with the help of this integration and can also send order status updates to Magento via NAV.

Inventory Integration:
User can check the updated product inventory in ERP system by integration.

Major advantages of MS Dynamics NAV-

  • Orders- auto-synchronization of details happens between NAV and Magento when there is any new order.
  • Track shipment- User can track the real-time shipment status of the customer’s order from NAV or Magento platform.
  • Products and more- Product details can be seen by every new entry of the product info in MDN.

There are more advantages of using Dynamics NAV at Magento and hence, you may not get any reason to deny this technology use.

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