Do Javascript Is Alternate Java?

Java is the most popular programming language whose apps can run everywhere smoothly. Java came into existence around 1995 and did a wonderful job. Since 1995 to till the time, Java has been leading the software development industry, and almost all software developers have used this language at least once in their career. Various open source tools also based on Java and it takes as an excellent choice for enterprise development and web development.

But the problem is that all organizations cannot afford Java developers. Java developers are usually expensive and they come from large multinational companies. Experienced Java developers demand for a heavy amount that is out of budget generally for small Companies.

So is there any solution? Yes, JavaScript is considered the best choice after Java web application development and getting popular dramatically almost every day. JavaScript is a single language that can be used for backend and frontend together for web apps. It allows you to develop a fully functional website without mastering multiple technologies and frameworks together. The best part is that JavaScript developers are easily available and affordable too.

Initially, JavaScript was not good for mobile apps, and the same questions asked developers themselves. Can they use JavaScript alone for web apps and enterprise apps entirely? Hmm, that is a hard one! But possible


Now, JavaScript gives you that slice of mobile cake as well. No objective C / C++ or Java. Only JavaScript!! The credit goes to ReactJS, the great guys at Facebook. Native mobile apps are easy to harness by the raw power of JavaScript only. Creating IOS apps is no more dreams only with ReactJS.

No language is perfect of course, and JavaScript is no different. The biggest issue is low-level access, and you still need a MAC to make your apps more secure and efficient.

Designing cross-platform apps with web technologies would be an awesome experience with JavaScript. Popular companies have already started relying on JavaScript for their business apps. So there you go! Make hurry and choose the best programming language now to master web apps and all other software development needs.

The platform enables you to write world-class apps and assures a wonderful experience for developers. So take a deep breath, sit back and get ready to shoot for the sky. If we look little ahead then, JavaScript can help with desktop apps, Linux apps, Windows apps too.

So you are all covered now, and JavaScript would be your cup of tea soon near future.

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